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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Today has been one I would rather forget really.

Roly started stressing out and crying well before school this morning. Stress has played a starring role in his life for the last few weeks.

I find it it difficult to be discerning, because he has a tendency to be a drama king and an exaggerator.
More than once, I have kept him home deathly sick, only to have him make a rather miraculous recovery 5 minutes after the car has disappeared around the corner, taking the other munchkins to school.
So today I sent him off to school, rationalizing that not going will only make it harder to go tomorrow. Hubby reported that he was rather quiet in the car, but there were no more tears.
At 11:30 we got a call to come and get Roly as he had vomited twice!

*Mother guilt!!!*

Apparantly he had vomited in the toilet at recess and told the teacher, asking if he could go to sick bay (infirmary).
The teacher was very skeptical (my Roly goes to sick bay a bit!!) and instead got him to rest in the storage room area with a bucket, saying "If I see vomit, you can go to sick bay."
10 minutes later, vomit was duly visualized, and Roly was sent home.
Again he recovered quite fully in no time at all.
I know he is a worrier.

I know he is a drama king.
I know he is hurting.
I know he tends to disregard any good things in his life when he is in this frame of mind.
I know, I know, I know......
What I don't know is what to do in this situation!
And what I want to know, is where is the parent handbook on this stuff !

Tomorrow (Thursday) he sees the school counsellor.
Friday he has a chest Xray and ECG to make sure it is not a physical thing.
Next Wednesday he sees a counsellor friend (who works with kids) to help discuss coping mechanisms for stress.
Then I'll probably be ready for a good dose of therapy myself! *reaching simultaneously for my happy pills and a bag of peanut M&Ms* (just kiddin'!!)

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