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Monday, May 22, 2006

Spot On

That is what I thought of the doctor this afternoon.
I think I probably mentioned a couple blogs back that Roly has been experiencing bouts of anxiety.
Roly is a larger than life character, as well as being a bit of a hypochondriac. So I find it difficult at times to walk that fine line between skepticism and compassion.
But in this case there were 3 things that made me feel like this was not just acting or an exaggeration. No, 4 things.
1) He never used the 'feeling' (which is tightness in the chest and just a real sense of things not being right) to try to get out of going to school.
2) It would occur during fun activities that usaully rivet him, and he would have to go lie down or have a bath in the middle of the fun.
3) He has never heard of anyone having symptoms like these
4) He began hyperventilating last week. Never happened before.

Nothing seemed to help it for good. A couple of stressful situations were resolved but it still crept back (the feeling, that is) Any negative influences (like scary books) have been eliminated from the equation, we've been going for walks, etc. Nothing has worked.

Hubby and I decided that it may be best to try out the local GP to rule out any physical problems, and that visit occured today.

The doctor was great. He mainly talked to Roly, and drew out quite a lot from him. Also, without meaning to, Roly ended up having him in stiches of laughter, so it was a relaxed visit, and the doc got to see the real Roly.
And his take was spot on, as far as I am concerned. I think he read the situation and Roly well.

He does not believe that Roly has anything wrong physically, after giving him an examination. The ECG and chest Xray will rule that out hopefully.
But he did say that Roly is hyper sensitive and takes things far too much to heart. And that this is normal for him.
We as parents need to give him every reassurance and encouragement. If how he is feeling gets in the way of his quality of life, some kind of professional may be able to show him how to better control his irrational anxiety.
I was really impressed. I had actually though the doc would 'poo poo' Roly's concerns but he was so understanding and respectful.

I won't ramble on any further. I am so tired. Bible Study was tonight and the leader just would not end on time. Most of the rest of us were droopy eyed, so I gave off 'Cut! Wrap it up!' signals that were totally ignored. But finally Hubby got the message and brought it all to a prayerful close. :)
It wasn't the study at all that was putting me to sleep. It was just the day in general. Complete exhaustion. Topsy teething again, so no day sleep.
There are just some times when things need to end punctually and tonight was one of those times.
Next week will be better. I will drink a coffee first.

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