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Monday, May 29, 2006

A not-so-brief weekend report!

Where did that weekend go?

I so enjoy reading about all of your weekends so I'll tell you about mine.
Very unexciting actually, so make sure your drinking a coffee to stay awake!

It was a quiet house this weekend with Roly gone for his two night sleepover at his best friend's house.
He called on the first night to say goodnight and also to thank us profusely for the spending money I snuck into his bag.
The second night he called from the family's toilet at about 9:00 in a bit of a state. Feeling anxious and very headachey.
Then at 10:45 he called again, still headahcy and it seemed like everyone else in the house had gone to bed. (as you do!!)
I got him to hang up and then go see if the Mum was still awake so he could get some Panadol, and then call me back.
At 11:00 he called back to say he had been medicated and was feeling very sleepy by now. So he said goodnight rather more cheerfully.

I picked him up at about 4:oo yesterday afternoon and he'd had a great weekend. Phew!!

What did the rest of us do while he was away?

Well, Hubby went to a town two hours away as part of his Army Reserve Chaplaincy job. There are so many hurting people in the Reserves, he could almost work there full time. He took the only car (mine blew up) so the rest of us stayed put.

Spindles and B during a rumble

Spindle's friend B came over for the day. Sadly neither of Diva's friends were able to come for a playday, but Spindles went out of his way to include her.
They played with their army men, with their transformers, a bit of playstation, and then in beteen all that, they basically rumbled. (what is it with boys and rumbling?)

Because Roly was on a sleepover, of course Diva and Spindles had to have a sleepover too, with each other.
The first night we told weird stories and I gave them makeovers (by putting my arms through their armholes and applying the makeup without seeing what I was doing.

Then they both got me back. For some reason Spindles lipsticked my teeth an awful lot!
Then they watched a movie with chocolate and buttered popcorn.

They created a bucking bronco of sorts....

...which very soon after this shot, defeated them!

On Saturday night they had a sleepover as well, but it was very basic.

On Sunday the kids and I didn't go to church till the evening, due to us having only one car. (the daytime service is in the next town. And the option of driving to church with the minister {hubby} half an hour early and then going home an hour and a half after the two hour service somehow didn't appeal, with a one year old in the equation!)

On the inside looking out!

I cooked the church dinner last night, and came up with my own variation of chicken and bacon carbonara, by adding a packet of frozen veggies and then serving it over rice instead of pasta. About 25 came for the dinner before the service and no one complained. :)
It was only small group for Sunday School, and with the kids that come, I have come to the conclusion that we'll need to veer towards a craft after the story and application, rather than the worksheets that work so well with the morning Sunday school.

I show this pic because generally Topsy never lies down unless he is in bed. Diva got him to do this.

It so happens that we have dinner with our Bible study tonight as well. And it also so happens that I am rostered on dinner.
So I chopped up a couple kilos of cheap steak (stewing meat only) and plonked it into the crockpot with two whole onions and some cloves of garlic. Added several potatoes and carrots and set it on high. It has been simmering all day and smells so fragrant!
My friend funny farm who I link too, comes to our study as well with her family and you should see what she brings when she is rostered on.
Let me see if I can remember last week. Oh yes. Read it and weep.
A pasta bake
Butter chicken
great big homemade potato wedges with the following toppings:
a mild chili con carne (sorry if I massacred the word all you Americans!)
a spicier chili con carne
sour cream

How does one follow an act like that?

Oh and my 'bung eye' turned out to be pink eye! Currently medicating. The drops are so cool and refreshing! (I think I am easy pleased!)

As I drove Spindle's friend B home, I rather vaguely eavesdropped on his conversation with Spindles about cars. B was telling Spindles how none of their three cars actually work.

I smiled, shrugging this off as an exaggeration and prompted gently. "Then how did your Dad get you here? (B lives a 20 minute drive away."

B replied nonchalently, "Oh he drove the car with no brakes." !!!!!

(And when we got to his house, we discovered that it is true. All three cars are not working and their Dad did coast all the way to our house going the backroads.)
I have added them to my prayer list!!!!!

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