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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just an Ordinary Day

Ok this may be muddled. I am snatching spare moments here and there to write this up.
Diva has us potentially reinfested again! Head lice that is. I couldn't see any evidence in the boys, but I ain't taking no chances!
Here they are all swathed in their 'conditioner and gladwrap' treatment.

I put the timer on for an hour, which is twice as long as the instructions instruct. I treated myself as well, which Topsy found highly amusing. Diva did too, as apparantly my eyebrows were half -in and half -out of the cling wrap, and therefore tugged up into a comical expression. I never checked to see how funny I looked, and you won't be able to either. Ha! =)

Ouchy moment: The three oldest decided to hop in the shower and de-condition together. so I turned it on and in they went.

Well! 10 seconds later it was pandemonium! Screaming kids, slippery naked bodies running in a panic around the house.

"Help, Mummy! Help.! It stings!"

What was going on?

It so happens that the conditioner I had bought specially turned out to be a shampoo /conditioner mix! Oucchhy! Stinging eyes!!
So it was not my finest moment as a mother.

There were several muttered "Thanks a lot, Mom"s ,when the tumult had died down.

Funny moment: After we recovered, we played a game of (indoor) hide and seek, (which is toned down and played with lots of exaggerated 'peekaboos' when Topsy is around).

The kids all still love this game, but often Spindles will just read in the living room while we play.
Anyways Topsy and I were going around seeking out the hiders. We found Roly first, then Diva. "Peekaboo, peekaboo', etc.
'Spindles isn't playing," Roly said after we nosed out Diva. "He's reading."

Well , earlier, Spindles had taken possesion of the finished cling wrap tube (yes we went through a lot!) and was using it for a sword. I figured he has enough play weaponry and instead decided Roly should put it in the mouse cage as a tunnel.
"Spindles!" I called. "Get the tube for Roly please."
"OK", said a clearly crestfallen Spindles emerging in defeat from his hiding place under the sink. !!!!!


I would never have looked for him there either!!

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