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Friday, May 12, 2006

A Coupla Thoughts

(attempt number two. I lost the first post so must redo. Grrrr!)

Well after my last post, I DID write out my list of things to do. that is not to say that everything on the list was accomplished today. It is, however a shuffling step in the right direction.

I have uncovered three things I need to work on:

1) Change my quiet time to a morning slot. At present I read my Bible and pray for stuff and people just before bed. I can't tell you how many time I've started praying for someone, then drift off on a tangent and the next thing you know I am awake and it's a new day!!!Praying at night is like counting sheep for me!

2) I need to work on my attitude, especially in the morning. (my attitude is generally upbeat but needs to be more constant and reliable. No kid wants or deserves Jekyll and Hyde!) Other mother hens out there would agree (Do you?) that our mood affects everyone else in the house. I have really become so aware of that lately.

3)Hubby and I need to continue to make the kids responsible for their own messes in a positive way (and also keep up the chores system). We need to be consistent in consequences; that we follow through with them in a non aggressive but firm way.

This flows throught to table manners. Our house may sometimes be a sty, but we really are not pigs snuffling at the trough at feeding time!!!

Also I need to be a better listener both to kids and hubby. As in really listen, not try to fix their problems or give input, but just listen as they offload.

Example: The last couple of nights, Roly has been extremely nervy, asking for medicinal help to sleep at night (don't worry, I didn't give it to him) or an extra bath so he can sleep. He has been agitated, in fact hand wringingly worried. Evasive as to why, but quite upset.

Now understand that Roly currently holds a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, an Emmy and an Oscar for the category of Performance in a Household Drama.

But then last night I overcame my prejuce that he was just attention seeking and really listened to his anxiety. And when I stopped and listened, he talked. And guess what?

His anxiety was valid. Not a bullying issue, not an academic concern. But valid . After hearing him through, we were able to work out a plan of action, had a quick pray with him, and sent him of to bed with a hotpack. I wish I could be Supermom like that for him (and the lot of them) every time!!! It felt good.

Frugality Update:

I did our first fruit and vegie co-op shop. The others were really impressed with what I got.

We really need two more contributing parties on board though, so that we have a $100 bucks a fortnight to play with, and can get more stuff by the box (and highly discounted) as opposed to at-store prices.

Have a good day!

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