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Friday, May 26, 2006

A brief 'brief'

This is my brief 'brief' on our upcoming weekend, before I farewell you until Monday. By the way to all the Americans, have a great long weekend!

Roly is going away for a two night sleepover at his best friend's house. It will be just the two of them, celebrating the boy's birthday. We will miss him sorely but he is so excited. BTW Roly seems to be going quite well anxiety wise, for which we are very thankful.

Spindles is having his best friend over tomorrow for a transformer fest! He has had a hard week doing his homework, getting very teary about it etc, but he finally did it. Growing up is hard sometimes.

Diva is home today with cracked hands (excema, I can't remember how to spell the doggone word!) Went to the doctor to get some cream for her so she is considerably more comfortable now. This is why I am going to try to make some chemical and nasty- free soaps and lotions. Mama Mentor's next door neighbour inspired me! Diva is hopefully having a really good friend over as well tomorrow!

Hubby is busy as ever. Busy is good, though we a both a little stressed as Big Mama's car was towed away with engine trouble. It could be very bad!!

Topsy is enjoying his daily walk to the park. where he used to go straight towards the road, now he seems to know where the safe path leads to (play things) so he makes happy little sounds as he toddles along. Everytime I take him out of the swings so he can play on something else, he goes back and stands hopefully by the swings till I take pity on him and push him again.

Couple of pics of Topsy's dessert last night. He had had a bad day with teething, so I decided "well he hasn't had a bath yet, so he can feed himself his yoghurt".

Topsy smiles and makes satisfied lip-smacking sounds whenever I give him a bowl of something and hand him a spoon.

So he did that and proceeded to enjoy himself immensly.

Word of caution. Do not look at the pics below if you are eating!

"This little stick that Mommy gave me to eat my sweet sticky stuff with doesn't seem to be workin' so good. Maybe I can lick it up."

OK that'll work! Oh boy...*glug, glug, glug*

*choke, splutter, cough*

I SHALL vanquish you, slippery sweet stuff!

"Oh, uh, hi Mommy. Yeah, I'm just fine and dandy, thankyou. Sticky? Me? No, I'm not feeling cold and sticky at all. *nervous laugh*

"Now I'll just clean so. Then I can call my Mommy and say...."

"Mommy, I'll take that bath now !

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