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Monday, May 01, 2006

Back to School

The kidlets put on their winter uniforms for the first day this year and trundled off to school. It is a 15 minute drive one way. Usually Hubby drives them in and I pick them up, but I took them this morning. Why? Because Diva was rather aprehensive about settling back into the school routine. Roly didn't seem to care either way, and Spindles was excited to see all his friends again. "I feel like we're driving in to see a really cool movie,"' he told me, in an attempt to explain how he was feeling.

When we got there, the boys each gave me a hasty kiss and galloped off. Diva however clung to my hand and enquired as to whether she should maybe accompany me home due to the gathering clouds!
After dumping her bags, we went out to the playground to try and find one of her good friends. They all showed up just before the bell (then she went of with a grin and quick wave back at me). Their lateness meant we had a 25 minute wait, 'cause on the first day back, the boys like to get to school nice and early so that they are not ovewhelmed by a crowd of people right away.
Topsy is a little lost without his crowd of admirers who clap like he's won a gold medal even if he's just twirling his finger in his nose. I think he preferred life on his pedestel!! Oh well they'll all be back at 3:30!
In other news:
1)Three more chooks have joined our family. So Maisy (BTW, Sorry Diva for calling her Daisy by mistake last week) is finally get a break from Roosy! These chookys are much smaller than the first lot, but when Roosy strutted over sideways with his feathers all puffed out they pecked at him till he gave up and took his attentions else where! I just hope the first three will accept these newbies soon and let them into the roost!
2) Big Mama's flying the coop! I am going on a trip! It was going to be a road trip but when Big Mama's MAMA found out, she told Big Mama what was what and paid for a flight instead.

So Topsy and I are flying to Sydney on Wednesday morning, and returning on Friday morning. My gorgeous sister in law is immenent (With child. As in she's due in a month) and I want to see her belly! Now all I have to do is inform my MAMA that I will be taking a road trip to visit my other gorgeous sister in law (also pregnant) who ives in Melbourne), and I will be flying there also. (Just jokes! just kiddin' Mom =) My lovely mother reads this blog but is not very computery and does not comment. Maybe this post may incite her to!!)

Well, I'd better get my bubby and go buy my ticket. I will leave you with a video of my water-addicted boy. Any puddle, hose, dog water dish, etc is like a magnet to him. So yesterday I let him have 3 minutes with the hose .( the time limit is because we are in a drought and on water restrictions)
He sounds like he is crying in the video, but those are his very solemn joy calls.

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