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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Photo Overload!!
Yup, I took a few photos yesterday and this morning. Sorry if this bores you, but the grandparents will love it! =)

Roly's first Job !

Remember how Roly wanted to get a job at the shop next door? Well he finally got a job!

What doing?
There is an almond tree at the back of the shop, heavily laden with nuts at present. The owner loves almonds but hasn't got the time to pick them.
So he asked Roly to assist.

Roly has spent hours, shaking the tree, picking the nuts, peeling of the casings. It took him the best part of three afternoons.

Finally yesterday, he was done.
Then he accidently kicked the box over as he ran home to tell me. This had him distraught because he was afraid he would not get paid. (I hoped to goodness that the man would pay him at least something. Roly has poured every fibre of his being into this project, so they can see what a good employee he is.)

I helped Roly pick the spilled nuts up, then we took the box home to help get some of the stubborn casings off.

Everyone who was there wanted to take part.

When Roly carried his very full bucket triumphantly over to the shop, the owner was away.
But later in the afternoon as I stood in the checkout line, I saw Roly talking to the owner. Roly was given the choice of being paid in cash or getting something he may have had his eye on in the shop. He chose a magazine he has been wanting for ages. Doesn't he look happy!?

Diva and her friend had such fun outside!

Yesterday I let Diva and her friend play with Roly's green slime in his absence. Big mistake! This morning we found it all over the carpet. While we were scraping the slime up, we decided to have some fun with a totally unsuspecting Roly.

Roly came into the room to talk to me and I gave a theatrical sneeze. I raised my head in order for him to see my goobery nostril for a few good seconds, and then as he backed away with widening eyes I slowly snaked my tongue up towards its the drooping glob.
His reaction was priceless. Absolute terror that the treasured image he had of his mother had only been a mirage!

After he recovered Roly insisted on making us all pancakes. He looks really tired in this shot doesn't he. The only other shot I had of this has his eyes closed! They were actually really good, the pancakes that is.

Roly hadn't counted on the clean up being part of the excercise though!! Haha! My Mom always insisted that the clean up was part of the cooking.

Here is Topsy waiting for his Weetbix, that he greatly prefers over pancakes, which become missiles. What a strange child!

Spindles and Diva played with Topsy's lego while they waited for their pancakes.

Things got ugly......

...... and oh! Game over!

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