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Friday, April 07, 2006

Odds and Ends
This'll be a 'bits and pieces' post. A little disjointed and themeless, but nice and comforting, like heating up leftovers at the end of the week. There is an ending of sorts, and if you have read this blog before you already know who fits the 'odd' part! =)
The ending for us? Today first term ended and the holidays have officially begun.
Hurrah! Sleeping in and lazy mornings. Of course there will not be any fights or boredom this holidays!! (haha!)
At the end of a term we always celebrate with a party followed by either a moveie or game night. It is a tradition we all look forward to.
Tonight for the first time, Roly wasn't here.
He is at a sleepover with his best friend.
It is strange, you know. Roly is the loud one, the one who always asks the same question over and over (hoping the answer might eventually be the desired one!); the one I have to calm down and shush the most.
And tonight I miss that! I missed his enthusiasm at our party. He always pushes past the others and bursts through the door to see what is on the table to eat. He notices the little things I've done to make it special. His enthusiam makes the work worth it.
But I am glad he's enjoying himself. And I am so thankful that his friend is such a great kid. Miss ya, Roly!
(This is one of Diva's first makeover attempts. We called Roly 'PooperMan! ' Don't spend too much time wondering why we called him that, specially if you are eating. It was in very bad taste.)
At the kids final assembly this afternoon, Topsy stole the show. I don't know if I mentioned HOW much my bub loves his music.
He jumps, dances and now he adds clapping to his repertoire!
Well there was a whole lot of music at the assembly. Topsy somehow managed to find a dancing rhythm to our national anthem. Have you heard our national anthem? If you have you will recognize that feat.
It is a great song, just not boppy. Well Topsy changed that! He kept starting and stopping his 'hunched over hustle', trying to keep in time! I nearly wept with laughter.
Because of all the kids in the hall, the teachers were diligently making sure their charges were not talking or wriggling or turning around.
Imagine how popular I was then, when Topsy danced his way through one group's performance of 'La Bamba!", and joyfully applauded at the end.
The back rows craned their necks to see who was so defiant as to actually enjoy the piece! Of course these miscreants were all firmly told to turn back around.!!!
I was getting embarrassed by this stage, and only stayed in the hall 'cause I was sure the musical items had finished.
What else but a bluegrass rendition of 'My Grandfather's Clock'.
Topsy might as well have been on stage! It is one of his favorite songs, and we listen to it all the time. So of course not only did he boogie, not only did he clap, he sang too! And loudly, specially at the 'tick tock ' bit!
All the teachers' hard work was undone as the three back rows turned to marvel at 'FREAK BABY'!
What you are looking at in this next picture made me howl with laughter. Laughter of the "I give up !' variety.
Any who know me, know of my struggle with tidyness and of my black thumb.
There is a show called Backyard Blitz here in Oz, where each week a team of gardening professionals transforms an awful backyard into something out of a gardening magazine cover.
I am terrified that one day they will fly over our yard and we will be exposed.
Our backyard is not pretty. Fun for kids, but not pretty.
Well the shop next door was getting rid of all its junk. They put a whole heap of rubbish out the back, (which is also out our back, just out our back fence.)
My kids were so quiet I wondered where they were.
I soon found out, when they came back with this (look up!). At first I was outraged at what they joyfully carried home (more junk!). Then I saw the elation on their little faces. See the pride? These nasty things are treasures to them. Do you remember being that age and finding treasures in heaps of junk?
That thing Spindles has, is an empty can of paint thinner. And the reason he likes it, is that it is so ugly on the outside, but when you open the lid, the interior is creamy, shiny and smooth. That must be a metaphor for something!
Last but not least, I must brag about my baby. He is very close to walking. He spends as much time as possible standing unaided and can take a couple of steps. He can also do a mean boogie without holding onto anything.
Topsy's vocals are much more planned now. It is as if he is talking and replying to what we say, even if it is gibberish to our ears. And he repeats the same sounds over and over, so he knows what he is saying.
He has waved goodbye to people leaving the premises, on three different occasions.
He understands bath, look at Mummy (always stops and looks at me!) no, yummy yum, milk, come to Mummy (giggles and runs in the opposite direction!) clap hands, wave byebye, night night, etc. He knows lots of other words.
But Topsy also craves independance. He is wanting to feed himself. So I let him have a go. He takes the first spoon I use, and puts it in his mouth, getting a little in there. I cheer "hurrah!" and he claps with the spoon in his hand, splattering his face and head with food.
I continue to feed him with a second spoon till he catches on, and takes control of that one as well. 'Hurrah'! etc, splatter, splatter!
Finally I finish feeding him with a third spoon, while he still grips the other two tightly.
Aren't I blessed? (Oops, he's crying as I write actually, so I'm posting this without checking the spelling!)

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