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Monday, April 24, 2006

My weird stuff.

I am airing my dirty laundry, and shaking out my skeletons because Sunshine tagged me.
Be warned OK, some of this stuff is quite weird so I am counting on the fact that anyone reading this post, remembers that anytime you get to know someone, you realize that they are not normal. There is no normal! Puhleeeeese remember that!
We'll work from least weird to the other extreme, huh!

1) I eat leftovers for breakfast. Cereal and toast do not excite me one little bit bit, so if there is something decent leftover from the night before, I heat it up and start my day on that.

2) I make an appalling noise to ease my hayfever. I hate spending tons of money on my hayfever tablets, that only provide momentary relief. Hayfever is my foe more than half the year, and my ears and throat get unbearably itchy. I have discovered that by making a roaringly-loud, throat-rattling snarl while rubbing both ears frantically, the itching eases.
In fact it feels fantastic. You should have seen the horror in poor Topsy's face when he first heard it, only days old. What is probably worse is how quickly he adapted to it. From four months old he has been able to do quite a good imitation.
How embarassment !!(that is OZ slang for any US readers who make think my vocab is appalling)

3) If I see more than one man, or a group of high school students sitting together on the park bench beside our next door grocery shop, I will not shop there, no matter how empty the larder is at home. In fact I will turn on my heel and go back home if I am on the way there and spot them. Once, I waited for over an hour to go buy TP (cause I was all out, and desperately needed to go) because two construction workers were having their lunch break on that bench.

4) Sometimes I wear fake glasses at home. It started out as a joke. They are a pair of cheap sunnies with the lens knocked out that I used for a Sunday School drama a while back and they look just like these in the pic. They make me feel smart.

5) A couple of years ago, I covered my hands with glue, let it dry, and then peeled it off like we used to do at school. It was fun. I liked it. Not the sticky-part, or the waiting-for-it-to-dry-part, but the peeling-it-off-part. Such fun!! I gave it up after a couple of days though, 'cause it dryed out my hands too much.

6) I am secretly afraid that I will be attacked and assaulted in our home because I am a minister's wife. I feel like it would be an easy target for someone with a vendetta against church and religion in general. Consequently, I have gone out of my way to not go home when I have encountered strange characters down our street. Plus we live on a quiet street which has a bar down the end of it.
The flip side of this is that if I wake up to drunken arguments outside, involving women (and last Christmas Eve a little girl), I can't let it be. 3 times I have snuck out of bed and into my car to follow the arguers home, just to make sure the child or the woman has gotten home in one piece.

Wow! I read back over this and see how weird I actually am. Golly!!
In little bits spread out over the last ten years, though it can't be too bad. It is me, lump, bumps and all.

And I am tagging Mama Mentor, TL paints, T, and AZDaisy. Sara if you haven't done this one before I'd be interested in seeing how weird you are too.

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