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Friday, April 14, 2006

Meet Spindles: (A jumble of thoughts)
Where to begin?
To look at (apart from being drop dead gorgeous, of course) :Physically Spindles is very slight. In fact he gets his blog pseudonym from an Australian book series where the hero is called Spindles due to his spindly legs.
This year Hubby had to rush off in the middle of 9 year old Spindle's swimming lesson to buy him new swim shorts ('cause his original swim shorts gave out mid lesson!!) The replacements, which fit him perfectly, were actually made for a four year old. Such a tiny little waist he has!
Likes and dislikes: Spindles is an engrossed reader ( as in, he is oblivious to his surrounding when he is in a book) and lately he also likes putting different CDs in the stereo and playing his favorite songs over and over and......!
He would prefer doing either of these to an outing, so sometimes in summer, the other kids and I will go to the pool while Spindles stays home and reads (seeing as Daddy's office is at home)!
Maths is his strong point academically. In a recent State maths exam, his results were off the scale for his age level. Spindles also writes a mean story, and his illustrations impress his teachers because of their attention to detail.
Spindles is a chess player who regularly beats both me and the computer. He loves Transformers and is fantastic at putting a puzzle back together.
Spindles is a saver. He hates to dip into his pocket money, so most of it goes into the bank. I have had to borrow from him before!!!!
Personality: Before Topsy burst into our lives, Spindles was the peaceable filling in the 'sibling sandwich'. The other two's temparaments are so similar (outgoing, with good organizational skills, like their father) that they often clash. When they are fighting in the back seat, putting Spindles inthe middle has several times averted WW3.
95% of the time everyone gets along with Spindles. He is easygoing, comparatively quiet, an observer, and adaptable to most situations.
Giving is the main way Spindles shows love. Last year he would regularly slow the others up as they got off the school bus because he was seeking out flowers along the way to give me a bouquet. I he gives me a kiss, he has to then go and give Daddy a kiss, so that no one's feelings get hurt ( sounds a lot like his Aunty Robby!! Unfortunately he seems to have inherited nasty migraines from her as well.)
If Roly is ever away, the older two kids sleep in the same room, and Spindles tells story after story to a rapt Diva. He is very patient with her. Last year he put a lot of effort into making maths homework sheets for her. She was in Kindy and because she did not get any homework, she felt like she was missing out.
Spindles loves comics (Tintin, Asterix and Obelix) and just about drives me nuts by always reading me the latest Garfield strip that has made him laugh. He has such a memory for jokes and funny scenes.
Yesterday as I was in church having a cuppa with some of the ladies, something we were saying piqued his memory. He sidled up and said 'Remember...' and proceeded to quote part of Topsy's latest story to me.
Just before Christmas Spindles discovered his life's ambition.
We were in the local $ shop, looking for Christmas presents for the kids to buy each other. He found a section with masks and trying them on transformed him into a near extrovert! It was an experience he relished.
Later, he confided very seriously that he would like to be a street performer.
And boy does Spindles make us laugh. He comes out with some wicked one liners. His weird dances and imitations are sometimes too much for this Mama whose pelvic floor is not what it used to be. He certainly uses his tiny frame and those gangly limbs to further his comic genius. It is a real shame that most people don't see this side of him!
But one of the things I love most about Spindles is that he puts his all into his relationship with me. He has no inhibitions. I get full eye contact and absolute truth from him.
I smile as I write , thinking about how hard he practised for a speech he had to give this term in his Literacy class.
Eye contact was always his low point, marks-wise, so when he practised his speech in front of me, he really worked on correcting that. Towards the end of the practises, he had pretty well memorized the entire thing and said it with his gorgeous brown eyes focussed on me.
Later that week he got the written feedback from two of his peers. Both mentioned that his only downfall was still the lack of eye contact. (He may be more like his mama than his Daddy in that the public speaking domain)
And last, historically Spindles has been one to stand up and listen to the songs in church, but not to sing them himself. At our Easter service today, without any prompting, he proceeded to sing every word of every song whilst looking solemnly up at me. I managed to keep a straight face and look suitably impressed.
He of course is no angel. When he gets mad, he takes a while to forgive and forget. But later he always runs in with a big hug and a whispered apology.
So that is Spindles in 100 words or so. He is such a blessing to us.

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