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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I've spent so much time at your Blog, MamaMentor.....

we caught your lurgy!

Actually, only hubby looks like this. And he really only has a scratchy throat and is a bit achy. He is as cool as a cucumber to my lips, but this morning he has dragged himself, sighing and groaning, to the doctor. I have been a bit sympathetic this morning, making his 'sick brekky': toast with only honey ( to scratch his throat) and cold orange juice. Plus I have done my cooing "poor sick boy!"

Why am I only slightly sympathetic, cruel Mama, you ask? Because divide it by four, and that is what you get.

Topsy is not 100%, with a cold, a cough and two more teeth.

Diva is home with aches and her mouth drooped permanently open to enable her to breathe. And Roly has a hacking cough and athsma.

So poor Spindles fronted up to school on his own. Brave boy.

I really wanted to post a progress report on Topsy today but the computer that does the photos is in hospital too (!!!,see Mama Mentor!!!), so it'll have to wait.

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