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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Holidays: 4 and a 1/2 days in....
Remember how Roly missed our holiday party because of a sleepover at his best friend's place. Well he had a fabulous time. I am thankful that his friend is such a sweetheart.
While Roly was away, he received another sleepover invite. This time from a friend whom in whom I have put a lot of effort over the last two years. He and Roly had quite a lot in common, so I had him over for sleepovers, birthday parties, play days and a BBQ.
This year however, I have backed right off . This same boy has actually fallen in with a rough crowd in the year above, some of whom have been giving Roly such a hard time in class.
But now, out of the blue, here he was asking Roly to come over for a sleepover.
Roly was desperately keen to go, and I thought it might actually be a positive thing; a phoenix friendship rising out of the ashes
My only concern; the mother had mentioned having visitors over for dinner, and I wondered if there would be much supervision.
But, reservations aside, on Sunday night I took him over. Roly had last minute butterflies about going, so we prayed on the trip in.
When we got there I was delighted to find out from the boy's Mom, that the dinner guests were actually mutual friends, and they have a son who is in Roly's "gang." I left feeling relieved and excited for Roly.
However the next day when I went to pick him up, Roly was very subdued. And this is why:
The other boy had ended up spending the night.
Then late that night the host friend had decided that his blanket would become a special meeting place and there was a special code to join.
The other boy 'got the code'.
Roly didn't.
The two boys spent the night under the blanket, having a ball. Roly sat in front of the blue TV screen and read his book.
My poor baby. =(
He was quite matter of fact about it. (I think that makes it even sadder. As if he expected nothing more! Well they missed out on a super kid!)
Roly's favorite memory of that particular sleepover emerged the next day.
He had rather a nice afternoon after the other boy went home. His hosts are formerly South Africans, and Roly went with their son and his mother to visit a lady.
They discussed all sorts of different cultures. (Roly loves reading about that kind of thing.)
He was able to tell them about what he'd learned of the Papua New Guineans and some of their traditions, and enjoyed hearing some South African customs..
But as a whole, the experience has really made me appreciate the kindness of Roly's best friend.
So far we have found that a good friend doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and effort.
A lttle friend whom Diva has not spent time with in 2 1/2 years is here today. They have played outside mainly and are revelling in each other's company.
They took Diva's doll house outside and it has been fascinating observing how different the two girls are.
Diva's guest had the dolls getting married and canoodling. Whereupon Diva informed her friend that her doll would be remaining single!! And she proceeded to ferry hundreds of thousands of orphan babies to new homes in her imaginary 'ambulance', while her guest had the married couple whisper about buying milk and paying the bills.
Oh and don't worry. Spindles is not left out. He is going to his best friend's place tomorrow.
What else?
The extremely wonderful 40 Days of Purpose ended on Sunday.
That meant our 8:00 service had an excellent celebration morning tea; the 10:00 service had an excellent celebration lunch, and our evening service had an excellent celebration dinner and dessert!
Then last night our Bible study group ( which is just meeting socially for the holidays) had a movie and pizza night. With four extra of the kid's friends ( 6 adults and 13 kids in total) we all watched Lilo and Stitch 2.
Well, the Dad's and the kids watched.
We girls made a few more plans for our book club, inspired by Mama Mentor!!
So that is us, four and 1/2 days in!


Craft-mad Diva is struggling to fill up her day already, without all the structured craft lessons of school (big mama is NOT crafty!)
She was playing a computer game, while we discussed this. As a positive ending to the conversation, I leaned over and said, 'Don't worry honey, you'll soon find your rhythm' ( as in, for her daily routine).

Diva looked up a little wounded and whispered " Do I not have my rhythm?"

Roly and I had just finished cleaning out his mice cage.

He brought Twitch over in great distress.

'See the hole in his ear! Speedy and he are fighting all the time."
The hole looked like part of his makeup to me. There was no blood and it isn't a new wound at all.

But pointing this out did nothing to comfort Roly. As he walked off with Twitch cuddled in his arms, he said sorrowfully, "It is because it's mating season, Mom..... " He shook his head wearily. "I hate mating season."

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