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Monday, April 17, 2006

Green Valley Farm
I promised the kids that this holidays they would finally get to go to Green Valley Farm after years of wanting to. There is an ad about it on TV, with a really catchy tune, but apart from that we didn't know really what to expect.
We were pleasantly surprised. Entry was very cheap, the staff friendly. But what struck us right off was the inventive swings and toys that some whizz bang creator person has whipped up. They were really not what we expected to find in the playground.
As an extra bonus, Hubby was able to come along. This is the season where we don't get any holiday time with him, in fact I often take the kids away to see his parents for a week. Easter is busy for ministers! So it was a real treat for us all.
And guess who was the only one still playing when even Diva decided she had had enough? Hubby had to have a last go on two of the swings, while we twiddled our thumbs like impatient parents!!
I won't tell you any more about Green Valley Farm, I'll show you.
Warning: Lots of photos!! (if you get confused, the writing goes with the picture beneath it!)

Some of the signs at the farm:

Spindles was really the chief tour guide, running ahead and routing out the best paths (for a pram) and shortcuts to get to the animals.

The farm is up past our New England district, and I just had to take this pic of the autumn canopy above us .

I didn't even see any camels! The two signs below were in the cafe.

There were a lot of enquiries by the tribe as to the validity of this sign!!

The animals:

This gorgeous dog is actually a dingo. He was beautiful and wagged his tail when we talked to him. On an island here in Oz dingos have killed children in the last couple of years. And then there was the famous Baby Azariah case.

"Wild boar, Mum, wild boar!"

Spindle's shout had me break into a gallop. I wanted to see it before it ran away and hid in the foliage.

This (look down)... is what met my eyes. Asterix and Obelix would have wept!

The only fun we got from the 'wild boar', was by trying to see if its chest was actually moving up and down or if indeed it had moved on to the big sty in sky.

Not a lot of roos at the farm. This one was the only one awake!

In between eating the grain we had for them, these two goats locked horns with each other and stared at us with baleful red eyes.

These two huge mushrooms are actually emus.

I would have loved to stay and watch the monkeys for longer. I find them fascinating.

I am sure some of my blog friends probably have these in their backyard, but to me they are exotic!

I never knew they liked water so much!

This cockatoo talked really well. I could have stayed with him for ages. Topsy liked him too.

I got such a kick out of this wombat. Most I have seen are either lying bloated by the side of the road, or are hiding in their burrows. This guy was just so active and in-your-face.

The good old ostrich was personality plus too! He would hunch down like in this pic, then pop his head back up.

We were a bit timid about him feeding out of our hands, so we threw some of our seeds in his feeder . He swung his long neck up and then BAM!!; his beak darted in and out of that feeder so fast, it sounded like a (not very loud) machine gun !

Another 'wild boar'. Actually Hubby did not want me to get too close to this one, because of the 'nasty gleam in one of its eyes'.

The play things:

Just a swingy thing.

My photo does not do this swing justice. The springs and the elasticity of the tyres provided a unique and very high swinging motion. I tooki this before Hubby nearly killed himself in it. We found it hard to push him in it (Or as he said 'to get a rhythm.')

Hubby at the top of a very large slippery dip. He was the only one who attempted it.

A pendulum-like swing

Hubby and Roly went on the go carts. The hill was really steep, and after Hubby only just made it down in one piece (!!ARGGG!!!!), he was a bit concerned for Roly who had already pulled his cart to the top and was on his way down. I was so concerned in both instances that this is the only photo that came out. All the rest are of the track, 'cause I was dashing around trying to be in a positon to be their cushion to crash into. I hate scary rides!!=)

Now this was a (do it yourself ) rollercoaster. Pull it up to the top. 2 or 3 climb in and off you go. Hubby went first (of coure! that is his job!) and then after trying to cajole the others unsuccessfully, he got me to take aphoto of them, having only gone on the flat bit.

Then the kids watched Topsy while Hubby and I had a go together. For a do it yourself job, it was pretty hair-raising.

Topsy revelled in green ant-free terra firma, and ate sand, by accident. And guess what Becca? He is wearing a hat you left behind last time you were here. It was the only one we could find!!

Spindles is scared of heights so this is pretty brave of him.

Check out the big rocking horse!!!

This one is too hard to describe in detail. A three way seesaw, that had each of the seesawers going up and down at different levels at the same time.

The first thing they went to in the park. Quite a big plane it was.

Just before home time. A great day out.

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