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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Frugal Living

Hubby and I are getting all fired up at the thought of living tons more simply. What with paying off loans, plus wanting to make my life easier since bub (read: more quick dinners, either frozen or out of a can, plus the occasional pack of hot chips, or pizza), we are living beyond our means.
So, Frugal Living: The Idiot's Guide. (we are the idiots, you may be the guide.

We have some ideas, but if frugal living is something you excell at, or even if you only have one idea that could fit on a postage stamp, please write in and share your tips.
One idea that a friend and I are doing is a bake off. Once a fortnight, we'll have a big bake of cookies and bars, then we'll divide them between us so we have a lot of variety and freeze them for the kid's lunchboxes. The lunchbox fillers here in OZ are so expensive, but some days (OK most days!) baking seems hard. So this will be a real uplifting day to do it.
Now in a totally different direction, here is my boy, walking. Still learning, but improving every day.
He used to walk to me, but as you'll see in the second clip, trying to escape me is much more entertaining, till you trip!!

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