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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Diva's Deadly Obsession
Background Info:
Our small group is still meeting together for dinner on Monday nights in the holidays. We aren't doing a Bible study though. Last week we had a movie night, and this Monday night the adults played some games, while the kids ran around and had outdoor adventures with glo sticks.
One game invoved predicting how the others had answered 10 "Would You Rather "questions.
For example one question was : Would you rather sleep permanently in a bed of peanutbutter, or exist solely on monkey flavored ice cream ?(BTW, that's what I was referring to in your blog, T!)
It was fascinating and hysterical at times to see the logic each of us used to choose our answer.
Well yesterday morning I asked my kids those same questions, and they also enjoyed thinking them through.
Keep in mind:
There was one question which pertained to a choice between two dismal endings Would you rather be hit by a tonne of bricks or smother in a tonne of feathers. But only one ghoulish question Apparantly that was enough......
Diva's take:
Later Hubby and I sat innocently eating our breakfast, Diva devised her own 'would you rather' questions for us. Out of her beautiful little head came a seemingly unending torrent of questions. she barely paused for breath, except to hear our stammered answers.
Bar one, every single question was Thematic.
The Theme: DEATH
Here are a few that I remember: ( I jotted them all down afterwards, but have lost the slip of paper, so these are the ones I remember)
1) Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with a pack of really bad, really hungry dogs or with ice packed up to the ceiling ? ( a morbid twist on one I had asked them)
2) Would you rather be stuck in the flooded kitchen or in the flooded bathroom? (with no escape, mind!!=< )
3) Would you rather be burned in an oven or with candles?
4) Would you rather drown in slime or in water?
On and on...... ! We were a bit slow on the uptake, but just as she was really finding her rhythm, we caught on and put an end to it.
I think I'd better hide my dark makeup!!!!

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