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Friday, March 31, 2006

Sympathy Please!!
As far as I know Topsy is telling a story sometime today or tomorrow, but in the meantime, listen to my woe. See my hand? Where that red spot is?

That is where I got stung by a wasp ( !!! OWWY !!!) as I walked up to get the kids from school. It was like a bolt of electricity, I tell you. I threw everything I was holding in the air, bar Topsy, and shrieked!

It was a real burning senstion.

A teacher close by offered me some Stingos.

Now I have always given my kids Stingos and they swear by it, but I must admit I thought it was a psychological thing.

Uhhhh, no!!! If you don't own a bottle of Stingos, go get some today! About a minute after application, the burning stopped, and I could breathe again without gasping in pain! How thankful was I!

Now two days later though, it is quite irritable and has swelled some. A pity it is my right hand. If it gets worse I will go to the doc.
So, I am Big Mama and that is my whinge! (there is actually a story (not a riveting one) to the name Big Mama. I will have to tell it next week.)

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