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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Showless Showbags!
Yes it is that time again!
Show time in our little town.
Where a fortune can be spent on those exciting showbags, show food (about three times the price of what the same stuff costs at the local take away) and show rides.
(In a brief aside, two shows ago, Spindle's best friend's brother (still with me? ) fell from the top of the ferris wheel and nearly died.
Needless to say, I am not huge on the old show rides! Thankfully my kids prefer mirror mazes, target shooting and rides that stay closer to terra firma!
I announced that we would give them the money for a show bag each, though this week's pocket money would go into it, but any rides could come from their own stash. (Normally I would pay for one ride, but we are a bit tight at present!)
Then I presented them with an alternative. They could go to the local mall and choose something (unquestionably of better quality) to the same price value of the show bags.
Well, they chose option two.
Roly's purchases were partly predictable. He left us at Target, and went next door to the $2 shop, and returned with two bags of plastic soldiers (loves them!), two swords, a chocolate Easter bunny, and (this was a surprise) a cap with our flag on it. You can see a photo of it, on one of the monsters in Spindle's latest blog. Just go to the links. (Roly has a recent blog too!)

Diva chose this gorgeous Chicken Socks book of Clothes Peg Cutie's to make. She is sure growing up. Here's how I can tell. I thought she would need me to help her, so I went to the loo to get ready.....

.........and when I got back. Voila!!!
She had made one already all by herself!!!

This is its new home, until it rains.

Spindles, our mini comedien searched and agonized over the perfect purchase for ages. He couldn't choose between a couple of items (being the ultimate saver at heart). But later when we walked into the $2 shop, and just as he was despairing, I noticed these! Spindles loves masks!

What about Topsy's show bag? Well he has had a terrible week. He has teeth erupting and sticking out at all different and painful looking angles. He moans and cries and whimpers. He was being very patient with all the ho-ing and humming of choosing so I got him this:

It is cold and vibrates on sore gums when chewed.

Listen, my baby gnaws everything in sight, but would he chew on the darned thing? No. Duh! That would be too easy.

As Topsy's siblings are demonstrating in the picture we all took it in turns to show him what to do, which he enjoyed immensly, but he still has not tried it.

So that was our experience of the Showless Showbags. Have a great weekend and see you again, come Monday.

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