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Monday, March 06, 2006

Quick Snippets

A frantic day today, so it'll be brief.

*Spindles and Roly have finally had their hair cut. I only put this in because Granny will be relieved, I'm sure. She was a good girl and never mentioned it when she saw them last weekend, but even I knew that I was going to have to resort to Diva's hair clips if immediate action was not taken. They look sooo handsome!

*The boys and Hubby have joined Hapkido (bit like taekwondo) classes. The class is perfect timewise, it is close by and there are only six other people in the group. Later, Roly got me to grab his wrist in a threatening way, and he was able to disarm me really easily. Very impressive. The Hapkido is instead of Gym ( and now I hear Poppy breathing a sigh of relief!)

*Spindles is about to lose his first inscisor tooth, and is having trouble eating.

* We had such an encouraging turnout to our new family evening service last night ( with a yummy shared dinner before hand). It was fantastic to see the different ages mixing so well. A great start to our week.

* More from me tomorrow.

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