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Friday, March 10, 2006

A Parenting Tip- sponsered by Paddlepop Scribblers

Not really! Just foolin'! I am certainly not one to give any parenting tips ( being very guilty of inconsistencies and the whole caboodle myself), but this is something I rediscovered this week: Babies and toddlers are captivated by the mystery of a cardboard box.
The other morning, Topsy was in bed with us for his morning cuddle and roll around. ( its something he loves to do at about 6:30 in the morning; to just go back and forth between me and Hubby and fall down on the bed and then roll around the softness of the matress.)
To put off having to leave the warmth of bed, I got the nearest box and grabbed a couple of handy items. I put them in said box and then closed the lid.
Well!! It was as if I had handed him the keys to his own world. If I had bought him the latest wizz-bang 9-18 month gadget, he could not have been more enchanted or engrossed.
Lid went up, lid came down. Lid went back up, then back down again! Things were pulled out, things were chewed on thoughtfully, then things were put back in. Lid came down, lid went up..... you get the picture! And in this manner a good half an hour's worth of time was invested into the Paddlepop box

And to date no one thing has yet matched the allure of the Paddlepop box (oh, no that's not quite true. Topsy just longs to sink his teeth into our pet dog Lucy's chewy bone toy, and exerts rather a lot of energy trying to do just that. Ewwwww!)

The gorgeous toddler friend who comes to play with Topsy on Mondays also loves boxes. I cut a couple of holes in one of Topsy nappy boxes, and the little boy spent ages posting letters into it before it became a feely box.
So, Parenting Tip of the day:
Don't go out and buy your child a toy this week. Instead look at whatever items you have lying around your home with your child's eyes and see what magic you can create with it .

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