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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A New Family Thing to Do!

Remember last week I pointed you all in the direction of Mama Mentor? Mama and her family enjoy going to medieval fayres.
My little brain has been whirring, and I find myself thinking: If there are medieval fayres in the US, there must be here in Oz as well!
My boys love that period of history and would absolutely be in a world of bliss if they were able go to a fayre, and Diva loves to dress up. (Can you imagine Topsy in the garb?)
I am so excited at the thought of going myself. Via the good old google I tracked down an authentic fair that takes place in a woods only an hour away. It is on at Easter and requires authentic garb and bans prams and such like, so that will not be possible (this year) , but one week later they welcome the general public. There is a feast and combat displays.
Then the following month, there is a really big festival about one and a half hours away.
I am now looking around for cheap but authentic looking costumes (as in: not nylon) because I do not sew like Mama Mentor.

Next time you see me, I might look like this!!!

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