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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mama's Movies !!!!

When I told Diva I wanted to take a video of her doing something gymnasticky (a word of my invention), I had grand images of her performing a couple of the very graceful tumble rolls she has learned to do.
But no! My little poppet is apparantly taken with the rather unladylike 'crab walk' warmup excercise and that is what she decided to share with the world. Excellent!

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The wacky acrobatics featured below are a common occurrance in our backyard. In case you don't hear what they are saying, this one is called 'One goes up, One goes down." I hope I captured 'up and down' bit. Ooops! :0

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Ahh yes, my precious climber. Also a common sight. Here Roly is part of the wacky acrobatics as he takes to tightrope walking.

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I came outside from saving and then deleting one video clip, to find the following clip in action. They are training him early! Topsy had a great time! Every time he fell off he climbed bck on!

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