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Monday, March 06, 2006

Delighting in Diva

I just wanted to tell you something about my precious girl. Like any other six year old she can be sneaky about annoying her brothers and can sulk when what she wants doesn't happen, so I know she is not perfect in any way.

But you know I have notice something. In our male dominted household where we laugh uproariously over odd-sounding body noises and have to sit down and gasp for breath because the answer to the latest joke was a 'toilet' word, Diva is a little lady. Never once has she cracked a toilet joke. It has not rubbed off onto her at all. She is such a little lady. In the crazy world we live in today where our littlies are exposed to too much too soon, she still seems so unsullied by so much of it.

Last holidays, it was well after bedtime, and as I walked down the hall I could hear Diva's voice talking a mile a minute. There should not have been anyone else in the room with her, so I went closer.

She was saying. "And did you like that present I made for you today? I put a lot of work into it."

I opened the door.

"Darlin, are you awake?"


"Who are you talking to?"

"God." (in a tone that said 'Of Course')

I love that kid!

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