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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cleaning checklist before family arrive tomorrow!

Bathroom sink scrubbed X
Bathtub scrubbed X
Toilet scoured X
Fridge cleaned X
Pantry cleaned < (half done!)
Dining room < (floor not done)
Kitchen < (floor not done)
Living room < ( floor not done)
Guest Room / (1/4 done. it's tidy but the beds are not made)
Our room < (just a quick pick up will do it)
Topsy and Diva's room < (ditto to quick pick up)
Roly and Spindle's room / ( You would think a bomb hit it, but I give it a 1/4 because most of their junk is in boxes in the shed now. and that was a huge job. )
Back Yard O (everything needs picking up and tidying.
Front Yard doesn't even rate a mention

Why do I do it to myself? So I can relax with my loved ones. Let's just hope that none of the said loved ones inadvertantly pull open any of the cupboards that are so delcately balancing all the junk I shoved in there to get my X's! Teehee (sheepish laugh)

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