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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bubble Therapy

Topsy has had a hard couple of days. His top gums are all swollen and two teeth have erupted. And it seems that there are more to come. Not even Topsy's latest trick of free-standing at any opportunity has comforted him.
Enter Diva. She had a scratch down her tummy that needed soothing, so into a rainbow colored bath she went, along with a great dollop of creamy bubble bath.
As I walked down the hall to get Diva a towel, I heard piteous bleats issuing from Topsy's room. Still upset!
After checking with Diva, I brought him out for his second bath of the day.
But Diva made this bath magical for him. She clapped and sang those bubbles everywhere. Topsy nearly died of laughter.
This video is taken just before I got Topsy out, and he is distracted by the camera, so he is not giggling as much as he had been.
And now, ten minutes later he is tucked calmly in bed and there is not a sound. Thanks Diva!

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