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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

PostScripts (AKA: Are Spiders like Starfish? If Not Hobbles is a Goner!)

I am sure you have all waited anxiously for news of Hobble's condition.
The following post and attached picture is not for the queasy-stomached, so consider yourselves warned. :)
Just before I went to get the kids from school this afternoon, I went to the bathroom to check on Hobbles. He looked shocking. He was slipping through the web his buddy had concocted for him, but some of his legs were not coming with him. He was still alive though andI was going to put him down. I am glad I didn't because a couple of hour later he was like this:

See that thinly outlined triangle near the lower left hand corner? That is three of Hobble's legs. But do you know, he seems better now that they have fallen off. See how he has climbed up a ways by himself, leaving his limbs behind? Go Hobbles !! (now aka High Five Hobbles), we're rootin' for ya buddy.

I'll keep you posted.

In other post scripts..

1.Diva has finally found her dream activity. This Thursday she will be going to gymnastics, a class we checked out last year but that clashed with Kids Club. Now her age group meets on a Thursday. Hurrah!

2. Spindles has updated his blog with an Aussie joke.

3. 10 year old Roly is sending in his resume to our local grocery store tomorrow in the hopes of getting some casual employment. Someone there has given him hope, and where there is hope, you'll always find Roly hanging on by his teeth at the other end, like a hungry dog with a bone. He really is excited, so you can think of him as the risk of disappointment is high.

4. Hubby is walking around with a permanent grin since the weekend went so well. But he has 3 funerals this week.

5. Hmmm...that leaves Topsy. He has learned to bite... and when I scream....he smiles innocently up at me and tries again. Grrrr.

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