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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Here she is just before we left. On the way in the car diva said, "There will be lots of mats at Physie, blue ones like at gym."

There weren't any mats of any color.

On the trip home, I said "Tell me one good thing about Physie."

She said "One bad thing is that there was a LOT of marching!" ( doesn't that sum it up succinctly! :)

But later on, she did ask to practise marching and toe pointing, posture, etc.

I actually thought it was great. They would go step by step through a series of movements, practise it through a couple of times, before then performing it to music. There was a lot of hard work, mainly all standing up during that hour, but the teaching style was excellent and I think Diva will decide to go back (see the first lesson is free)

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