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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I have had a productive morning. My baby went to bed soon after he woke up and then when down again an hour after he woke up for another hour and a half.
So that means that the house is tidy (ish!! :< ) , I have a vague idea what we will be eating for tea, I have had time to organize the Kids Club program for this term (we'll use The King, The Snake and The Promise program off its CD, which looks great), and I even worked out a bit of the Kids Church program.
I am also rested having had that much time to myself. Some days when Topsy is teething, he is clingy and whingy and the day goes by without anything to show for it, (though I dare say Topsy is grateful for the care he has recieved).
I went in to get him a minute ago, and he was standing in his cot with the most gorgeous grin, his face pressed down against his chest so he was showing off his three chins to their best advantage. ( He does that look so often lately, I am starting to suspect he may be doing a clever impression of his mother. Grrr.) Anyways, there he was bounicing gently and cherubicly and I brought in a song from the aforementioned CD that ablsolutely rivets him. Even if we mention the name of theis song in casual conversation, he stops whatever he is doing and stares at us. We had lost this CD for the past two months so, in the meantime he has had to endure Diva's and my attempts to warble it. But this morning I found the CD.
I turned off the Mozart that play softly in hisroom 24/7, and put on his song. It was such fun to see the pure joy that dawned on his face as he realized what he was hearing.
I love moments like that! Have a good day.

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