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Monday, February 20, 2006

How was I to know?

Topsy usually likes a sandwich (vegemite, honey or cream cheese) with whatever-flavored mush I am spoonfeeding him at that particular meal. When he is full, tired or teething, he pushes his food away.
Tonight at dinner however was different. He shoved his sandwich away with an aggressive squeal. He leant forward to peer at Spindles, and then turned back at me with an accusatory pout. He proceeded to hold his remaining sandwich up and out, staring cooly at me as he let it fall to the ground. After making sure it had landed, he looked back at Spindle's plates witha sad bleat.
His complaining was putting me off my food. I just wanted to eat a meal without gulping it down. I wanted to listen to the energetic, sensible conversation of his siblings. A distraction. That was what the situation required. What could I use?
Hubby's untouched bowl of spag bol lay innocently within reach. Perfect! Inwardly praying that he wouldn't choke on the stuff, I grasped some spagetti strands and bigger chunks of meat and plonked them into a bowl. As soon as I put it in his tray, Topsy snatched handfuls of spagetti up like a starving waif.
He tested...he pulled... he dropped tiny meat chunks down to where his sandwich lay. He tasted... he looked at all our plates as if to make certain that what he had was the real deal. Finally satisfied, he tucked in (Aussie for 'ate with enthusiasm!). That was what he'd wanted the whole time. But.....
How was I to know he wanted to eat spagetti at 9 months!!!!!!
"Mom, look at Topsy? He's eating spagetti like us!" Diva screamed in delight.
She was right. See for yourself:
The effort of slurping made the poor boy cross-eyed.

' I can't resist the temptation. Going, going...'

'Gone! '

' That was real goood!'

'Oooops, I can't forget my manners though. I'd better lick my plate like Momma always does. '

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