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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"A Gem of a Blog"

Every woman in my immediate family (mom, sis, mom-in-law and both sis-in-laws, oh... and moi! :)) are actively involved in church ministry, some full time. And when I thought about that yesterday, I decided I would tell you all, (especially them) about a blog that I check out everyday.

Catbird of
The Catbird Seat has a new article up nearly every day, sometimes a couple. I find her such an encouragement, especially from the angle of being a a woman in ministry, and the adventures that it can bring.

I SO relate to her parenting issues and her zaniness. I look forward to reading about how she approaches the ministry fields we share ( Sunday School and entertaining) .

Catbird shares her human side , her fallability and that is probably what I like best!

So check her site out, and I dare say you will RELATE! If you are not particularly computer savvy (which means you are probably a family member!:)) any highlighted words above can be clicked and you will go to one of Catbird's writeups about that topic. And don't forget to leave her feedback!

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