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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Does NORMAL exist?

I really do not think so? Now I am not only just saying that to make myself feel better about MY oddities.

It is just that every time I have gotten to know a 'normal' person, (I mean really KNOW them, not just surface stuff, you know that facade we all present) I realize I have yet again made an ABnormal friend. Fantastic stuff!

I laugh hysterically every time I think of my poor Topsy's first months in our household. We are each so strange in our own unique way. Aand day after day our bubby just sat there staring in bewilderment with his mouth agape. (probably wondering what universe the good Lord had deigned to place him in.) I became concerned his salivery glands would dry up with all his gawking, so I'd constantly tell him. "Swallow dear" and then order the kids: "alright lets drop the Mexican/ Irish accents for while" or "go practice the "Goon show outside for a while".

But a few months on and he has assimilated. (is that a good thing?) Topsy doesn't bat an eyelid, not even when I resemble Braveheart after undergoing another of Diva's "fairy princess makeovers"

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