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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Change of Routine
In the early summer months, we have really enjoyed going out into the backyard for a play after dinner, when it has been cooler. The kids play their makebelieve games, or we all play tips or hide and seek tips. ( Topsy hitches a ride!) It has been a great tradition. Topsy so enjoys sitting out there on his rugs ( though now there are three big rugs joined together and he still tries to crawl off them onto the grass. My worry is the fact that we still have some green ants lurking in our grass, you see.)
But our pleasurable evenings have been temporarily spoiled. The last few evenings it has still been 41 degrees outside at 7:30 pm. Impossible to enjoy!

Yesterday Roly came in and enthused" Come outside Mum, It's like stepping into a hot bath!"
(Uh.... no thanks. But you go and have fun, dear.)
It is a bit sad, because Topsy has loved our outside time in the evenings.
So anyways, this morning I had a brainwave.
Drop everything...

Especially the housework....

And go outside!

So at 7:30, we were set up. We had a gorgeously mellow time. Mellow because Topsy tends to be a lot more sleepy this end of the day, so he stayed on his rug, in fact even lay on his rug and cooed at the clouds. I will add photos if we do it again tomorrow, but just had to document this. (note: By 8:00 it was already 32 degrees, so we came back inside!! :)

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