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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

40 Days of Purpose

We had a very thrilling Sunday evening at church! It was our first time of trialling dinner at 5 pm followed by a family friendly service, with Sunday School.
5:00 arrived and so did our faithful regulars, who come to most things! We thought 'oh well, no one new. That's dissappointing but what can you do?'
So we ate our dinner in the yet-unfinished extention. Of course, a terrific storm blew up and leaked through the unfinished roof, and spat at us through the unfinished walls!
But then 3 and 1/2 families arrived! ( a good night at the evening service is 10 people, OK)
It was fantastic! I had 12 kids for my first evening Sunday School.
We are doing a 6 week program at our church called the 40 Days of Purpose, finding out for what purpose God has created us.
This is week one. Even the kids do it at Sunday School. And below are some of the creations they invented with supplied ingredients. They had to explain what their creation was and what its purpose was.

Diva had served everyone their food with her brothers. Here she is having a breather.

A nice wet draft!

A mouse trap

Too complicated for me to remember, something about sticky milk.

a candy corn harvester.

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