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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Topsy's Progress Report
What can my baby do ( at nearly nine months old), I hear you all ask with bated breath? OK, let's see. He now responds when I say clap hands. First he pats his leg and looks hopefully at me to see if that is the right response. I clap my own hands encouragingly, and then he remembers and claps slightly unfurled fists. Such a clever boy. Topsy navigates the whole house quite easily and with speed, seeking out all the most dangerous things to play with of course. MaybeADiva mopped the floor the other day and left the bucket full in the pantry (unbeknownst to me) . Unbeknownst that is, until I found my baby slipping and sliding blissfully around the kitchen floor in the the soapy suds ,with the bucket upended beside him!! Topsy can stand steadily holding onto the couch or other grounding object with only one hand. If I say 'jump', he starts to bounce up and down obligingly. He loves Colin Buchanen and will gaze unblinking for the entire DVD (he even smiles at some of the funny bits!) And sometimes when I said cuddle, he lays his head on the nearest soft thing, and then I coo "Aww, cuddle". When he does it, he also says "duhduh', which I choose to believe means 'cuddle'!

Aww cuddle!

Double click on this bad shot and you might just glimpse Topsy's two teeth!

This is meant to be a three picture action shot of Topsy clapping with a dinosaur in hand.

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