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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Dribbly Nosed Face Only a Mother
Could Love
This is an unabashed attempt to gain sympathy from the grandparents. Poor ickle Topsypoo gots hisself a coldy woldy. And a dwippy nosey noo as well. (please realize that we never EVER talk to the poor child like this in real life!!! And I wipe the gunge off his nose all the time. We had to let it accumulate slightly to get the photos just right ,in the interest of procuring the right amount of sympathy. He suffered for the cause you might say. If you are not related to our little urchin and are not at all inclined to exert any compassion, it is OK, he has more than enough from us at home. In fact, when he recovers, Topsy may miss the quality of life having a cold gave him!:) )

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